Money in Web3 is digital

Money in Web3 is digital, decentralized, and secure!

– 85 percent of retail executives want to be able to accept crypto payments
– 54 percent have invested more than $1 million in enabling digital currency payments
– 83 percent believe crypto will be legal tender within 10 years
– blockchain is the key technology of the crypto evolution
– current financial systems are much more susceptible to fraud than a well-secured blockchain
– self-sovereign ID represents a huge opportunity to resolve the AML/KYC issue
– the European Banking Authority has reached an agreement to provide protections on AML/KYC and fraud under the proposed Markets in Crypto Assets regulation
– there is a lack of interoperability amongst the current fragmented networks and protocols which make up the blockchain space

shutterstock 1758689111 Money in Web3 is digital, decentralized, and secure!

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