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This Crypto Will Be the Next Bitcoin

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-The Merge is a long-awaited upgrade to proof of stake that many crypto investors believe will make Ethereum the most profitable blockchain in the coming years.
-However, there is one benefactor of The Merge that is not named Ethereum: Polygon.
-As a Layer 2 blockchain, Polygon works with Ethereum to make transactions on the blockchain cheaper and faster for users.
-The Move to proof of stake will not increase Ethereum’s network capacity. An increase in network capacity is scheduled for sometime in 2023 when the blockchain launches a process called sharding.
-With sharding, Ethereum’s main blockchain is divided up into smaller, more efficient chains. This increase in capacity will then bring down those fees and increase speeds.
-Ethereum developers plan on working “synergistically” with Layer 2 solutions like Polygon to “continue to reduce network congestion and increase transactions per second,” according to the Ethereum website, so that Ethereum can one day serve the needs of a new age of the internet known as Web3.0.
-Polygon can handle around 7,000 tps at the moment and once sharding comes along, that number could increase exponentially.
-Polygon has partnered with Coca-Cola, Meta Platforms, and Walt Disney all in the last three months.

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