99% of crypto tokens owned by Helium insiders

99% of crypto tokens owned by Helium insiders, Forbes reveals

-Helium has been accused of failing to disclose its centralized distribution of crypto tokens, which was revealed by a Forbes investigation.
-Insiders reportedly owned the majority of tokens after its launch and took advantage of its system to earn even more rewards.
-Helium launched in 2019, promising to provide global internet connection for all kinds of smart objects, from refrigerators to light bulbs.
-Helium’s native cryptocurrency, HNT, has plummeted in value from an all-time-high of $55 in November to less than $5 at press time.
-Profits for miners have consistently dwindled since Heliums inception in 2019.
-According to leaked documents, blockchain data, and interviews with five former employees, HNT tokens were heavily distributed to Heliums inner circle and friends and family.
-Within six months, over a quarter of Helium tokens were mined by insiders.
-Co-founder and chief exec Amir Haleem told Forbes that about half of Heliums first hotspots were given to insiders.
-Forbes also discovered that it became common practice for Helium employees to build closet clusters with their devices.
-In response to the allegations, Haleem told Forbes that he was unaware of the malpractice internally.

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