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Deep funk? Think again! Crypto is on the rise!

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– The growth of the crypto sector has mostly been driven by those familiar with the technology, creating a high barrier to entry for new users.
– Blockchain technology is at an inflection point as the era of Web 3.0 dawns, with the next wave of adoption coming from consumers who arent interested in crypto as a speculative asset or a technology for its own sake.
– However, this inflection point comes as cryptocurrency has entered a deep bearish market.
– One notable trend is that in certain verticals like gaming, music, and even health and fitness, adoption indicators are bucking the broader market trends.
– These breakthroughs have in common are tangible use cases of Web3 that can attract and retain non-crypto native consumers, making them highly resilient to market conditions.
– There are now more and more use cases for crypto that are less ecosystem-centric and less dependent on the user to actively and knowingly engage with a blockchain.
– Gaming is one segment of the blockchain sector where the technology has begun to fade into the background, and the adoption metrics are diverging from market conditions.
– The music industry is a prime example of one where blockchain can find broad appeal among new audiences of non-crypto natives.
– After many years where the crypto community was built for insiders, all the signs are there that the technology begins to fade into the background as more day-to-day use cases come to the fore.

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