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The Future of Money is Web3

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WEA3 is following the same arc As the internets previous iterations: massive capital investment combined with bold attempts to address intricate technical challenges.
-As in the internets two prior incarnations, early WEA3 companies and products are predictably stumbling due to usability and security issues that illustrate just how new and immature this frontier really is.
-these phenomena are expected with WEA3 still in its nascent stage.
-Web3s current limitations are real. it will take time for the underlying infrastructure to mature.
-one way to conceive of todays internet is to think of all apps As individuals, data As those peoples blood and a database As the heart.
-with WEA3, were not building a heart. Instead, were building a network of capillaries, veins and arteries in the form of decentralized databases to share blood.
-WEA3 dispenses with the Many free tech platforms internet users now use to maneuver around the internet.
-people evolve from being customers and simple users to active participants and shareholders in the internets protocol governance and operations.
-power to the people: Individually Owned data
-today, third-party apps are brokers of a significant amount of data operating As a liaison between companies and individuals. eventually, However, todays internet paradigm will flip.
-WEA3 will put data and the ability to grant access to data into the hands of the individuals who own that data.
-this will eliminate the need for third parties to control and broker this data and give individuals autonomy over their personal information.
-at a more basic level, WEA3 will supply individuals the power to disclose the pertinent data relevant to a given situation.
-Advancements in technology also will eliminate the need for usernames and passwords to prove a person is a company employee to access the organizations network or everyday software applications like ones Netflix account.
-this new world will revamp swathes of interactions. for example, verifiable credentials open up new pathways in education.
-Societal challenges may be overcome As well. Voting results, for instance, will be available instantly, simultaneously making election fraud impossible due to cryptography.
-Beyond the technical know-how, the populace and the business community will need to see and understand the benefits a WEA3 world would offer to secure capital investments to turn this developing WEA3 framework infrastructure into a ubiquitous reality.

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