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Why the POWR Crypto Price May Be Headed for a Rise in 2022

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-Powerledger (POWR) crypto is on the verge of collapsing even further as it falls through a critical support level of $0.1698.

-Entering the oversold territory on the daily relative strength index Powerledger could see fit for accumulation at these lower price levels where the bulls could be hoping for a bounce.

-The Bitcoin crash earlier today sent Bitcoin spiraling out of control down to the $18,100 price levels. As a result deleterious effects have also been seen in the altcoin market.

-Powerledger (POWR) crypto hasn’t had the most bullish of days. From a technical analysis perspective POWR has just broken a key level of support which means there may be further negative price momentum.

-POWR/USDT – 4 Hour Time Frame.

-This is now the fourth time this particular support level has been tested and the bearish price action from Bitcoin today has led to Powerledger (POWR) crypto becoming over-sold and plummeting down below the $0.17 price levels.

-Should October flip bullish over the next week or two we could still potentially see a recovery for Powerledger (POWR) crypto.

-Ideally before the end of 2022, a swing-high back up to the $0.25 resistance trendline of the descending triangle is still a pragmatic technical target.

-This would be extremely bullish and potentially set Powerledger (POWR) up nice for a second pump back above the $0.30 levels.

-Sustainability is a rapidly growing niche within the blockchain sector. Powerledger strives to provide software for distributed and decentralized energy markets which help create a sustainable future.

-Whilst predicting the short term could feel like dubious speculation, by the next crypto bull run we could see Powerledger (POWR) crypto as one of the top 50 cryptocurrencies.

-Utilizing blockchain technology as a solution to global warming and the climate crisis is a fantastic idea and a rapidly growing market.

-Green tokens and carbon offsetting cryptocurrencies are on the rise as governments and scientists continue to fear for the future of the planet.

-Whilst Powerledger (POWR) could be a great choice to hold over the next few years, if you’re looking for potential 10x returns during a crypto winter then the upside growth could be limited.

-A carbon offsetting crypto known as IMPT Token is currently in presale and has a very strong mission to connect socially responsible brands with businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

-Having already raised $4,075,386 within 10 days, IMPT Token proves to be an attractive token for investors across the globe.

-The IMPT presale is broken down into three different phases where

powerledger crypto chart Why the POWR Crypto Price May Be Headed for a Rise in 2022

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