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Swyftx’s Survey: Crypto Spending in Australia Surges 10%!

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-Aussie top crypto exchange Swyftx conducted its annual survey for September 2022.

-The results reveal that Australian females make more crypto profits than Australian men.

-Despite the markets high volatility and downtrends, 72% of crypto users have reported profits on their investments.

-The average profit earned by Australian women this year stands at $7,256 compared to the $7,034 average profit gained by Australian men.

-Crypto ownership grew 4% from 17% to 21% in 2022.

-Furthermore, the survey indicates that 29% that crypto holders still remain bullish on long-term investments, who invest or have invested in the crypto.

-On the downside, the number of people who believe crypto will become the future money has dropped by 5% from the previous year.

-In line with the study, cryptocurrency use in daily life has surged by 10% in Australia.

-Amazon is one of the most widely used online marketplaces that attracted 27% of crypto users in Australia, with 21% spending on fueling at pumps and 23% on restaurants.

-As per Swyftx, 61% of Aussie individuals have not purchased cryptos so far, up by 3% compared to the previous years figure of 58%.

-In addition, 43% of non-crypto-owning people pointed to the lack of regulatory efficiency keeping them at bay from investing in digital assets.

Swyftx's Survey: Crypto Spending in Australia Surges 10%!

Why RaisedX: Making Money the Smart Way

– RaisedX is a public token sale-only platform that is designed to give every small and medium crypto enthusiast an equal opportunity to invest in legitimate and promising blockchain projects at their early stages.
– The RaisedX team is composed of 8 finance, technology, and business professionals with decades of combined experience in the blockchain space.
– The RaisedX platform comes with basic free registration which guarantees participation opportunities in all token sale events on the platform.
– RaisedX is a beginner and small investor-friendly platform with entry allocations ranging from $200 to $1000.
– Being a VIP account holder on RaisedX offers perks like getting a 100% chance to fill your allocation space for any token sale on the platform.

Why RaisedX: Making Money the Smart Way

Crypto investment is the future!

Algorithmic trading, or ALGO trading, is The use of computer programs to automate trading decisions.

– ALGO trading is popular among equity traders and is slowly becoming a preferred choice among crypto traders globally.

– ALGO trading empowers strategy creators by allowing them to automate their strategies and make them available to investors and traders worldwide.

– The most significant advantage of automated trading is that users can execute a particular crypto trading transaction on multiple indicators, inclusive of a targeted price at lightning speed.

– by splitting orders and random patterns, one can trade undetected, when liquidity allows for it with minimal market impact.

– ALGO trading should be adopted by traders and investors who have a proper understanding of The Systems, markets, and trading strategies.

75433510 Crypto investment is the future!

Bank of America: Stablecoin Flows to Crypto Exchanges Bode Well for Market Recovery

– Stablecoin exchange inflows are up, which could mean the crypto market is headed for an eventual recovery, say researchers for Bank of America.
– In a Friday report, analysts Alkesh Shah and Andrew Moss said that despite digital assets behaving like risk assets, stablecoins flowing into exchanges touched $490 million the week before the reporta 58% seven-day increase and the third consecutive week of inflows.
– This is a healthy sign as people using them for real world use cases like payments/remittances are adopted, according to the report.
– The crypto market has been battered this yearalong with U.S. stocksas investors put their money into what are perceived to be safer assets, like the U.S. dollar, and avoid risk.
– Cryptocurrencies are generally considered to be risk assets. Bitcoin, the biggest digital asset by market cap, has largely performed like a tech stock this year, Arcane Research data shows.

stablecoins regulations payments gID 1 Bank of America: Stablecoin Flows to Crypto Exchanges Bode Well for Market Recovery

93 Arrested in China for Crypto-Related Money Laundering!

-Interpol has issued a Red Notice for Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon.
-Authorities in Chinas Hunan province arrested 93 people for allegedly laundering up to RMB 40 billion ($5.6 billion) using crypto.
-Digital assets continue to act as risk assets, falling as global interest rates rise, Bank of America (BAC) said in a research report Friday.

poster 8 93 Arrested in China for Crypto-Related Money Laundering!

South Korea’s crypto craze fizzles out; user numbers on the rise

-The crypto market in South Korea was worth 23 trillion won in the first half of 2022, down 58% from 55.2 trillion won in the six-month period at the end of last year.

-The total operating profit of virtual asset service providers in South Korea was down 62%, falling from 1.64 trillion won to 0.63 trillion won.

-The KoFIU cites the war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, drop in liquidity and a lack of trust in crypto following the Terra-LUNA crisis as factors that influenced the general decline in the local crypto market.

-The number of know-your-customer (KYC) registered users saw a 24% increase, growing from 5.58 million to 6.9 million in Koreas total population of 51.78 million.

-About 73% of the 6.9 million registered users own crypto worth one million Korean won or less.

south korea flag close up low angled perspective 2022 04 13 15 52 29 utc 1 South Korea's crypto craze fizzles out; user numbers on the rise

Don’t be fooled by crypto job scams!

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-Lazarus, a North-Korean linked APT threat actor, has been using lures for attractive job offers in a number of campaigns since at least 2020, including targeting aerospace and defense contractors in a campaign dubbed Operation Dream Job.

-In recent days, SentinelOne has seen a further variant in the same campaign using lures for open positions at rival exchange

-The first stage dropper is a Mach-O binary that is a similar template to the safarifontsagent binary used in the Coinbase variant.

-The first stage creates a folder in the users Library called WifiPreference and drops a persistence agent at ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.wifianalyticsagent.plist , targeting an executable in the WifiPreferences folder called wifianalyticsagent .

-The LaunchAgent uses the same label as in the Coinbase variant, namely iTunes_trush , but changes the target executable location and the agent file name.

-The WifiPreference folder contains several other items, including the decoy document, Crypto.com_Job_Opportunities_2022_confidential.pdf.

-The PDF is a 26 page dump of all vacancies at

-The first stage malware opens the PDF decoy document and wipes the Terminals current savedState.

-The second stage in the variant is a bare-bones application bundle named; this mirrors the same architecture seen in the Coinbase variant, which used a second stage called

-The main purpose of the second-stage is to extract and execute the third-stage binary, wifianalyticsagent . This functions as a downloader from a C2 server.

-The payload is written to the WifiPreference folder as WifiCloudWidget .

-The threat actors have made no effort to encrypt or obfuscate any of the binaries, possibly indicating short-term campaigns and/or little fear of detection by their targets.

-The binaries are all universal Mach-Os capable of running on either Intel or M1 Apple silicon machines and signed with an ad hoc signature, meaning that they will pass Apples Gatekeeper checks despite not being associated with a recognized developer identity.

From the Front Lines Lazarus Operation Interception Targets macOS Users Dreaming of Jobs in Crypto 3 Don't be fooled by crypto job scams!

Why Crypto Bros Keep Proving Jamie Dimon Right

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-Do Kwon is not on the run. We know that because the cryptocurrency founder said so. Singapore authorities announced that hes no longer in their country, a South Korean court issued a warrant for his arrest, and Interpol put out a Red Notice. But that doesnt mean hes ready to reveal his whereabouts, or his legal strategy to fight the charges.
-Kwons outfit is called Terraform Labs. Its one of dozens of blockchain startups built to reinvent the global financial system and challenge the fiat-based structure which has central banks at its core. Its spin on the theme was to build a stablecoin on top of its Terra blockchain.
-Instead of being backed by holdings of a fiat currency like the more-famous Tether which claims to hold one US dollar for each Tether minted TerraUSD achieves price-stability via an elastic money supply. In its White Paper, the stablecoins instigators note that the extreme volatility of Bitcoins price is Terras raison detre.
-At the core of how the Terra Protocol solves these issues is the idea that a cryptocurrency with an elastic monetary policy would maintain a stable price, retaining all the censorship resistance of Bitcoin, and making it viable for use in everyday transactions.
-Theres just one, slight, $60 billion problem. The algorithm didnt work. The peg didnt hold. TerraUSDs price collapsed, as did that of the associated Luna token. And holders of these tokens got wiped out.
-That was in May, and now Kwon is on the lam. Except, he says hes not. And he also says its nobodys business where he is, unless youre a friend, plan to meet, or are playing a location-based game (that last one is a joke, we think).
-Running a bad business isnt against the law. Losing $60 billion of customers money in itself is also not a crime. But authorities in Seoul are convinced he did something wrong, and seek to charge Kwon and five others for breaches of capital markets laws.
-Having failed to get him to front up, South Korea went one further and asked Interpol to help, which they did, requesting law enforcement worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action.
-This international game of cat and mouse isnt a good look for Kwon, or crypto executives anywhere.
-For more than a decade, proponents have fought to shake off cryptocurrencys image as a frontier for criminals, digital blackmailers, drug lords and international arms smugglers. Yet every time the head of a cryptocurrency outfit legitimate or not

W4RAXPR534I63DDOSODL27GYEY Why Crypto Bros Keep Proving Jamie Dimon Right

Crypto trade could get a boost from regulatory clarity and market uptick

-Brett Harrison believes that an uptick in digital asset prices and regulatory clarity on crypto exchanges would ‘significantly’ spur crypto trading volume.
-Harrison says that there are two events that would bring more volume to the market: 1) when crypto prices go up and 2) when there is regulatory clarity over crypto exchanges.
-The Digital Commodities Exchange Act could provide clarity for exchanges and is being looked at by other countries as well.

FTX.US President Brett Harrison Says Two Things Will Make Crypto Trading Volume Crypto trade could get a boost from regulatory clarity and market uptick

Cosmos ATOM 2.0 Whitepaper Brings Good News to Crypto Fans

– The Cosmos community released a whitepaper today detailing their proposed changes to the Cosmos Hub.

– The changes include reducing ATOM issuance to 0.1% and creating three major new structures for the Cosmos Hub: the Interchain Scheduler, the Interchain Allocator, and the Governance Stack.

– These changes would likely turn ATOM into the Cosmos ecosystem’s reserve currency.

atom cover 3 Cosmos ATOM 2.0 Whitepaper Brings Good News to Crypto Fans